ARTIST: Maureen Rogers


Fungus2   Morning bluebells   Tulip 2   Soft-pink

      Fungus 2


      Morning Bluebells


         Tulip 2


         Soft Pink

Artist's Statement:

Throughout my working life I took numerous photographs. It is only since retirement that I have realised that the aim should be to make images rather than simply take photographs. In recent years I have developed my photographic vision with the help of many photography courses, mostly internet based, membership of an inspiring photography club and being mentored and encouraged by other members of the Nebuli Arts group.

I have always had an eye for shapes, patterns and detail and this has led to a particular interest in macro and close up photography, especially of nature subjects, and monochrome still life photography, with an emphasis on simplicity and shadow forms. As a counterpoint to this representational approach I also enjoy more abstract photography using the Lensbaby lens, camera movement, and the use of textures. In my photography I find I am inspired by the Zen artistic philosophy which stresses simplicity, allusiveness and restraint, giving the work a meditative quality.

I have taken part in several joint exhibitions:

2012 Head on exhibition, “dark room to light room” [Northside Creative Photography]
2013 Head on exhibition, Figure & Form, Lane Cove Gallery
2014 Joint exhibition “Changeable Art”, North Sydney
2015 Joint exhibition “Unseen Sense”, Incinerator Gallery, Willoughby

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