ARTIST: Christoph Mueller

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Artist's Statement:

Born in Austria, living for more than half his life in Australia, spending his professional life in IT has given Christoph a wide range of experience to draw on in his photography. The magic Christoph experienced when he learned to develop images in his dark room led to an ongoing love and involvement with photography. Photography has opened his eyes to see details that tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the daily routine. Through his images Christoph invites you to join him in viewing the world through his eyes and the lens of his camera.

Exhibitions and awards:

Better Photography, Photograph of the Year 2010, Bronze Award
Group exhibition, Little Firefly Gallery, 2012
Solo exhibition, “Reality Check”, Head On Photo Festival, Salerno Gallery, 2014
Group exhibition, “Unseen Sense”, Head On Photo Festival, Incinerator Art Space, 2015
Listed in the 2015 Australian Photography Compendium
Group exhibition, “A Bit Blue III”, GKJE Gallery, 2015/16
Solo exhibition, “Collaroy – On the Edge”, GkJE Gallery 2, 2016
Group exhibition, “Opertus”, Gallery Lane Cove, 2016
Joint exhibition “Monochrome diaries”, Art Space on the Concourse, 2017

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