ARTIST: Susan Buchanan

Venice 05   Venice 06   Venice 07   Inversion #4

        Venice 05


        Venice 06


        Venice 07


        Grand Canal

Artist's Statement:

How I came to photography is less interesting than what I have gotten and continue to get out of it. Photography gave and gives me a greater sense of myself, it is a conduit to parts of me that have no other form of expression.

I continue to pursue how I see through what I take photographs of. This is not a simple as it sounds. It has been a long process for me and one I hope lasts for many more years. Pursuing a unique vision in a world saturated with photographs is challenging and rewarding in equal measure. I am convinced that you can’t have one without the other.

Exhibitions and awards:

Joint exhibition “Homage”, Incinerator Art Space 2014
Joint exhibition “Figure and Form”, Lane Cove Art Gallery, 2013
Joint exhibition “dark room to light room”, Incinerator Art Space, 2012

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