Blue, Bleu, Blau, Azul, There are at least 8o official hues of the colour Blue: azure, ultramarine, cerulean among the better known. Yet Blue is more than just a colour. It describes a feeling of coldness, a music genre, a mood and an attribute of authenticity – true Blue. Australians even call redheads Blue. In this exhibition photographic artists are taking a Blue skies approach and presenting their interpretation of Blue.

The exhibition is at the Art Space on The Concourse, 409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, from Wed 9 to Sun 20 September. 11am-5pm Wed to Fri; 11am-4pm Sat & Sun.
Please visit any time or drop in on Sunday 20th September 1.30pm to 3.30 pm to catch the last of the exhibition and talk to the artists.
Meet the artists at the following times:
Shirley Steel - Saturday 12th September 1pm
Susan Buchanan - Saturday 12th September 1pm
John Chapman - Thursday 10th September 11am
Carolyn Pettigrew - Thursday 10th September 11am
Jan Glover - Friday 18 September 11am, Saturday 19 September 2pm
Most works are for sale, click on an image to see the details. Enquiries can be made by email on the contacts page of this website.
Blue flyerThe Landing - Shirley SteelLinked Honfleur - Shirley SteelA Chair from Normandy - Shirley SteelGeorgia's Rose -Shirley SteelAutumn Harvest - Shirley SteelIf Only - Shirley SteelBlue Archway - Shirley SteelThe Stairwell -  Shirley Steel.Window Blues - Shirley SteelThree Lamps - Shirley SteelA Winter's Day, Harbour at Honfleur - Shirley SteelTwo Pots - Shirley SteelMore Pots - Shirley SteelCyanolumen-5-Detail - Susan BuchananBlue Pool - Jan GloverMysteryBay1 - Jan GloverMysteryBay2 - Jan GloverBlue mosaic - Jan GloverBlue Stream - Jan Glover