Artist's Statement:
I am a retired academic. I have a continuing role as an Emeritus Professor at the University of Western Sydney and as an Adjunct Professor at RMIT. I specialized in digital media having come to this genre via the traditional pathway of the analogue monochrome darkroom. My research interests were centred on the application of infrared film to commercial and expressive practice and colour management within commercial photo labs. I also was involved in benchmarking curriculum processes in arts education across university and vocational education sectors.
I have designed specialist undergraduate and postgraduate awards in photography, led a digital media centre in two Australian universities and acted as a consultant to a range of industrial and commercial organizations that included Kodak, Konica and Fuji.
Awards have included Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and the PMA Award for Excellence in Education (United States).
I am a patron of the St George Leagues Photographic Society and a member of DAGS –a digital artists group.
My work in education attracted me to the camera club community because of its potential as a community arts organization to tap the creative energies of multi- talented members seeking to grow in the art and craft of photography.
In the last decade I have conducted over 400 workshops, lectures and evaluations for camera club organizations across Australia and within North America.
I have had exhibitions in the following centres: Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane, Arles, Hull, New York and Shenzhen as part of my own practice as an image-maker.
My photography is ideas based. I attempt to work with concepts or themes using an imagined vision that is expressive and concerned with making rather than taking an image. I see contemporary creative photography as totally liberating.
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