Artist's Statement:
I have a scientific background in geology and mineralogy but always craved an outlet for stirrings of artistic sensibility. Photography provides this, and digital photography opened new horizons for experimentation and creativity.
My work is mainly conceptual with a leaning to the dark and complex. Allusion, pareidolia, abstraction and coalescence - things are not always what they seem.
Recent exhibitions and awards include:
Maitland Gallery (2007)
"Pop Goes the Easel" and "Farrago" in Epping (2012)
The Incinerator Art Space at Willoughby (2012 and 2013)
Gallery Lane Cove (2013)
"Changeable Art" at North Sydney (2014)
"Coalesce" at Bondi Pavilion (2015)
On the more prosaic side my mineralogy photography has been published in a number of forums including journals and books. Contact John by email here