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Light on Water - Emerging Form 11


He carcassed out
his famous last words.
"Bin nights Monday
drop me in."

Now, kiddies,
I would like you to write
life’s story.

Fuck that
he thought
reaching into his bag of lies
blundering through
thickets of excuses.
Such stories pervert the subsoil
of his mind.

Scallywag tail.
Shilly shalley’s a red-breasted moth
fluttering shadows flame
Who’s to blame
this time?

Naked woman sprawled on sofa.
Is that you, Cloe?
Tom Cruise is coming to dinner.
We're going to have a universal joint.

Caged rat Eddy
his only friend.
Mind wheels
chattered over loose gravel
jaw hanging at a strange angle.

We hear
he pasted pretty boys
whenever he needed them
when in the joint.

Her voice strained
through thin fingers -
"Fine dear,
Monday's soon enough."
Light on Water - Emerging Form 11