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'A Motion Away'

Did you see the light on before
beaming through the journey mist
of life
leaning into corners
accelerating to the exit.

It was late September
very near the equinox
Auras reflecting radiance of scatter
Impact atoms energise electrons
fanned by solar wind
Cloud chambers of innocence
burst in clanging space between
sistering planets
The love that ignites stars
ushers heat bursting headlong
stitching down earth
as the mind's
skittish plough remembers…

Exploding out of nothing into everything
thoughts leaping eagerly to fill
the emptying space
in no time at all
with only an umbilical of memory
tethering spirit to the smooth marble
As a peep-back at the bright ball
floating in the midnight blue

While overhead a blue mist of stars
hangs horizontal angels
as translucent tissue
weightless in space
between one vision and the next
in the wild halo
of their sleeping thoughts

As the eternal weave
spins the dream world of innocence
condensing matter to a newborn cry
the cord is severed
cloaking memory
in the cloth of the sublime
Thus abandoned
sightless in a void
weightless on the wind
listening for the smells
of lost innocence….
‘only a motion away’.