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“Photographic Alchemy”

A special exhibition by Carolyn Pettigrew, Susan Buchanan and John Bardell with guest artist Lynette Arnold.

An eclectic mix of hand crafted imagery created using a mix of historic and modern photographic processes, such as cyanotypes, Van Dyke Browns, photogravures, gum bichromates and other processes.

View the entire exhibition at

Art Space On The Concourse

409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood
October 26th – November 13th 2016.
Photographic Alchemy 2016cjp_fight the light uncut_cyanoytpecjp_too flighty_photopolymerLA_Brown Onions_gumbichromateLA_Paper Dress #5_PtPdMarrickville #3Portrait In RedSB-Painted-Lady-3-Salt-PrintSB-The-Grand-Cana-Photopolymer-gravurel