“Odyssey Landscapes”

Presented by George Fracchia and Ken Lipworth

Charing Cross Photo
11 Albion Street, Waverley
May 17th – 22nd June 2013

As a part of the Head On Photo Festival and with images predominantly from Japan and Australia, George Fracchia and Ken Lipworth explore expressions of place and culture through the lens of urban and rural landscapes.

George and Ken are founding members of the Nebuli Arts artist group.

Nebuli Arts includes local emerging and established artists from Sydney. The aims of the group are to forge strong cultural links with the local community and the Arts Industry, and to produce a visual culture that aspires to attain a distinctive niche within Contemporary Photographic art.

The artists’ imagery highlights and contrasts similarities between two seemingly diverse landscapes and culture, unified by their eye for the odd and surreal.

George has selected mages that beautifully and elegantly portray the disciplined serentity of Japanese landscape.
Ken’s bold and intense images fit well with their predominantly Australian theme.

The ‘Ying and Yang’ of contrasting styles produce imagery that will please and excite all who view it.
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