“Collaroy On The Edge"

Children playing in the surf. Doesn’t this happen every day on Australia’s beaches? Yet this was different. The sea looked quite flat and surfers were hanging around, desperately waiting for a wave. Meanwhile, the children on the edge were having a great time. Those unassuming, little waves were breaking with great force against the wall, creating a powerful spray high into the air. Yet while it looked threatening it was not overpowering. You just had to go with the force of the water, let the water carry you and take a ride on and in the spray.
For some time, I watched the children repeating this ritual over and over: standing in the spray, resisting the force and finally letting go and merging with the water and spray.
I felt that the sea was teaching us a lesson. What looks like nothing further out does carry a great force. When something or someone gets in the way it is taught a lesson, pushed around. Don’t get in the way of nature. Learn to go with nature and enjoy what it offers, but also be aware of its power.

A solo exhibition by Christoph Mueller at Not Just Coffee, Mezzanine Level, 1 Perry Lane (rear of 264 Oxford Street, Paddington), April 6th – April 30th 2016
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