A Group Exhibition by Nebuli Arts

Incinerator Art Space Exhibition
2 Small St Willoughby

Homage: “respect or reverence paid or rendered; something done or given in acknowledgment or consideration of the worth of another”.

Homage is a group exhibition featuring the work of four artists from local Sydney group Nebuli Arts: John Bardell, Susan Buchanan, Des Crawley and Jan Glover.
The exhibition was opened by renowned Sydney photographer Luke Hardy.

For the second year Nebuli Arts is returning to The Incinerator Art Space where the artists will present their individual interpretations of “Homage” from the monuments that societies raise in homage to iconic figures and events, to modern interpretations of historical techniques and approaches in photography.

This collection of works an Associated Exhibition of the Head On Photo Festival 2014.

The Incinerator is a unique Art Space ideal for displaying printed imagery and installations offering an eclectic mix unified by the challenge it offers the viewer to interpret, to question and to take from it, that to which each relates.
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