A Group Exhibition by Nebuli Arts

Incinerator Art Space Exhibition

2 Small St Willoughby
April 10th – 28th 2013

Four members of Nebuli Arts, a newly formed group of Sydney photographic artists, present their individual interpretations of “Passus”, a medieval notion of taking small steps as part of a longer journey. Each artist presents work that forms part of a broader exploration of themes derived from an imagined vision.

Michael Haylen's ‘Lightsculpts’ figure and form illusions derived from light on water Lane Cove River.

Des Crawley highlights the balance between virtue and vice in his fantasy figures.

Prue Platt-Hepworth explores the mystery of self.

John Chapman travels to middle earth with imagined landscapes.

The Incinerator is a unique Art Space ideal for displaying printed imagery and installations offering an eclectic mix unified by the challenge it offers the viewer to interpret, to question and to take from it, that to which each relates.

This is the first group exhibition by Nebuli Arts. It is their passus – their small steps in the pursuit of creative photographic art based on the idea. Join them and be part of the journey.
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