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“Coalesce – Blends of the Imagination”

An Exhibition By Artists Of Nebuli Arts

Three Nebuli Arts photographers, Rosemary Atkinson, John Chapman, and Prue Platt-Hepworth will be staging an exhibition at the Bondi Pavilion. The work will stir the imagination and add a bit of chill to wintry days.

The exhibition titled “Coalesce” will present conceptual images in a contemporary style of creative photography. By merging images, ideas and concepts coalesce to invite contemplation.

The eclectic mix of artists’ styles is unified by the challenge it offers the viewer to interpret the work.

Bondi Pavillion Gallery

Queen Elizabeth Street,
Bondi Beach
NSW 2022.
Running from 23 June-5 July 2015.
Coalesce 2015Embryo #1 PRUE PLATT-HEPWORTHEmbryo #2 PRUE PLATT-HEPWORTHEmbryo #3 PRUE PLATT-HEPWORTHJohn Chapman_Coalesce #2_1024pxJohn Chapman_Imagine #3_1024pxThe Mirror Dont Lie_John Chapman